Domaine Les Grandes Vignes "Musemé" Méthode Ancestrale Extra Brut 2010

Domaine Les Grandes Vignes "Musemé" Méthode Ancestrale Extra Brut 2010

Loire Valley, FR


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Bottle size: 750ml  | Alcohol 13.5%
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A wild and natural wine sometimes calls for an even wilder dish. Enter: Kedgeree. A British dish inspired by India, Kedgeree consists of smoked Haddock, slow poached in a curry-laden milk with sultanas, then served over basmati rice with parsley and a soft cooked egg. The Brits often eat this at the beginning of the day, but it’s a great lunch or light dinner as well, only made better by the easy and bright flavors of this “Breton”, that match perfectly the smoke, spice and vegetal aspects of the dish.

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They say if it grows together, well you know. This may seem out in left field, but consider the oyster. This saltwater bivalve is consumed in large quantities where this wine grows, having come just west along the Loire from one of the largest oyster farms in Europe. If you’re a bit squeamish about a raw oyster with red wine, ease yourself in by grabbing some gulf oysters, make a garlic butter, mix in a little parmesan and parsley and spoon it over the oysters. Top with some breadcrumbs and give them a quick broil. Enjoy! Then, next time try it raw.

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While the Cabernet Breton is a complex wine, it’s more the layers of natural flavors in the grape that bring this complexity and less of an extracted, age worthy ambition. For this reason, it’s easy to be direct with the pairing: Kabob. You could take that two ways; maybe it’s a classic shish kabob you grill outside with chicken, lamb or beef stuck between red peppers and sweet onions on a skewer - or, it could be a döner kebab shaved directly into a pita with salad, a dusting of sumac, and ALL the sauces.

With over two thousand years of history, the Loire Valley vineyard area is made up of a mosaic of different climates, soils, geographical features and locations – all of which contribute to the diversity of the Valley’s wines.  South of Angers in the Anjou subregion, these wines draw minerality from schiste, sandstone, gravel and clay through an organic and biodynamic tradition.
Domaine Les Grandes Vignes "Musemé" Méthode Ancestrale Extra Brut 2010
The Vaillant family has been farming grapes in the Loire Valley since the 17th century.  In 2008 they embraced biodynamic viticulture and have been producing naturally expressive wines with special attention to vineyard practice ever since.
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