"Piggy Pop" 2019
"Piggy Pop" 2019

"Piggy Pop" 2019

Wildmand Wines


Cherry red with foamy bubbles and a crisp, red-fruited palate wrapped up in spice and a little licorice.  Serve cold with cured meats, pizza or on its own!

Nero d'Avola

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"Piggy Pop" 2019
Tim is a British born MW who runs his own independent portfolio wine business. He became a Master of Wine in 2008 writing his Dissertation on Australian wine.  He started his own project in 2014 with the Astro Bunny and Heavy Pétting labels, and was very much a pioneer of the pétillant naturel style in Australia. He works with Mediterranean varietals in the Riverland which suit the hot dry climate there. You can see his MW attention to detail in the winemaking: he's experimented over the years to get the style right; and keeps his wines back over winter, where many other producers release for the Aussie Christmas market, to achieve the texture and depth of flavors he's looking for. With their jewel bright colors, striking labels and refreshing drinkability you don't want to miss these!
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