Limited Addition “Public Service” Orange Piquette 2022

Wide Eyed Wines


Bree and Chad Stock are the stalwarts behind Constant Crush wines, and they created the Limited Addition label in order to promote Oregon wines from diverse and sustainable grape varietals while using low-interventionist methods in the cellar and working with farmers throughout Oregon who utilize eco-conscious farming practices. Their piquette orange wine is made from adding spring water back into wine must and re-starting fermentation, creating a fresh and tart wine that’s fun to drink. Traditionally these wines were made for farm-workers to enjoy during their breaks, and as such they make a refreshingly low-ABV accompaniment for picnics or beach excursions.


Region: Willamette Valley AVA


Growing Area: Eola & Vita Springs


Farming: Organic


Varieties: Pinot Gris, Gewuerztraminer, Muscat, and Riesling


Yeasts: Native


Fermentation: Coast Range spring water is added to grape must causing re-fermentation without any addition of sugar


Aging: Neutral barrel and stainless steel tank


Filtration: Unfined / Unfiltered


Sulfites: Low


Alcohol: 8.2%

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